• Tuesday, July 24, 2018
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
2120 William Styron Sq S,
Newport News, Virginia 23606

Phone: 757-750-0650

Join us at AR Workshop Newport News for a special Christmas in July Workshop! Choose from our many Christmas designs to make on a Plank Wood Sign, Framed Wood Sign, Wood Tray, Centerpiece Box, Lazy Susan, Canvas Pillow or a Canvas Wall Hanging! Enjoy cookies and Christmas music as you DIY!

Customize your project with your choice of (non-toxic!) stain and designer paint colors. BYO wine or beer to sip and enjoy during the workshop. Each time you attend a workshop, you will receive a stamp on your VIP card and be closer to earning a free workshop! (up to a $65.50 value)

1. Scroll through and choose your project design from our photo collection. Make note of the design name.
2. Choose the quantity for your project and click “Register Now”
3. On the registration form, enter the design name and personalization (required in order to prepare your stencil) for your project. Proceed with checkout.


PLEASE NOTE: If you see a design that you like, but just want to switch out the wording, there is no additional charge. Due to the high volume of designs we work on, requests for additional changes and/or proofs may require additional fees.

If you would like us to create a New Custom Graphic Design for your project, an additional $20 fee will apply.  Our design team will contact you to initiate the process and all fees must be approved by the client before work commences.

Price Qty*
18x21, 18x26, or 14x34 Framed Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$67.50 (USD)  
14x50 Framed Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$82.50 (USD)  
26x38 Framed Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$95.00 (USD)  
26x26 Framed Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$85.00 (USD)  
Centerpiece Box (32 inch)
Available seats: 19
$70.00 (USD)  
Centerpiece Box (16 inch)
Available seats: 19
$45.00 (USD)  
14x19, 17.5x24, or 10.5x32 Plank Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$65.50 (USD)  
Lazy Susan or Round Wood Sign
Available seats: 19
$65.50 (USD)  
14x48 Merry Mail Sign
Available seats: 19
$85.50 (USD)  
6x32 or 7x32 Plank Sign
Available seats: 19
$39.50 (USD)  
18x18 Canvas Pillow
Available seats: 19
$40.00 (USD)  
20x30 Canvas Wall Hanging
Available seats: 19
$49.50 (USD)  
14x24 Plank Wood Tray with Handles
Available seats: 19
$75.50 (USD)